Human Resources Issues Of Turnover And Retention Of Staff Essay

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Presentation #5
Group: Skanska AUS Group
The Skanska Aus Group presented on the human resources issue of turnover and retention of staff in the construction industry. Overall the presentation was good with very strong techniques displayed with only minor areas requiring improvement to advance the outcome to a very good standard.
Presentations need to be structured in such a way as to keep the audience engaged while also getting the information across so that they will remember the main points.
“You need a very clear structure to your talk. Work around the old maxim that you
- Tell them what you’re going to tell them
- Tell them
- Tell them what you’ve told them.
That is, you have a beginning, a middle and an end. Within this, there should be more explicit, concrete headings” (Rudd 2016)
The structure of the presentation given the Skanska Aus Group was well thought out and kept to the widely recognised structure above. The introduction is a key element of this structure and was executed very well. Angela Upright suggests that the introduction should begin with something interesting enough to grab the audience’s attention— maybe an interesting fact you found while researching. After, state the purpose for the presentation and some background information on the topic. (Upright 2014) The use of the statistics slide for the introduction provided the audience with an understanding of the issue to be presented in a fast and interesting way to ensure they were engaged.
An area…

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