Human Resources : Human Resource Issues Essay

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Human resource issues in the NHS
The articles show a number of human resource issues that NHS have been facing for years. It can be identified into four major problems:
1. Unfit management approaches
The changing organization system such as implementation NPM (New Public Management), performance target and talent management. Managers expected to increase the efficiency and control cost by those tools. However, the principles cannot apply in practical way properly. Some tools are not appropriate the structure and nature of the organisation because those approaches focus only on business efficiency. Furthermore, the employee job satisfaction and employee performance are lower.
2. High pressure and stressful jobs
Most service works in the hospital have to deal with the critical and emergency situation. For example, the ambulance staff generally get stressful because they must deliver patients as fast as they can. The front-line manager tends to have more negative attitude toward their job than a senior manager because they usually have to handle with the emotional and emergency situation from rush time and patients. There are a large number of employees
3. Insufficient trained staff
It is a critical issue of the nursing staff shortage in the NHS. The current staff experience high volume workload which causes stressful and high-pressure. The NHS discovered the solution of this problem by recruiting immigrant employees such as…

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