Essay on Human Resources Expatriation and Repatriation

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Human Resources deals with people and this is, basically, why expatriation policies fail, because they are intrinsically connected to human condition.
Nothing is sure when dealing with people; this is why the companies must be aware of every factor potentially capable of creating a problem. These factors mainly concern the enterprise itself; the country to which it is sending the expatriate and its peculiarities; and the candidate and his circumstances.
No expatriation policy is perfect because no human person is, either. However, a conscientious preparation of the assignment, a continuous communication and exchange of feedback during its execution and a good reintegration of the worker in its natural environment once the assignment
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The scan of the candidate’s family is sometimes even more important as the scan of the candidate himself.
One of the biggest troubles the enterprise may meet is the inadaptability of the expatriate’s partner. Even if the enterprises make everything possible to make sure the expatriate will fit and find his place in the new country, sometimes they forget their family, ignoring the crucial importance of the satisfaction of the later in the worker’s satisfaction. The partner may be unable to find social relations, suffer cultural shock, loneliness, the absence of the family and friends, difficulties in finding other expatriates…
Many enterprises prevent this situation by checking the partner during the process of the candidate’s selection. Once the candidate has been decided, these enterprises get also involved in facilitating the social contacts and the cultural training needed to make things easier to the expatriate’s partner.
Besides, there is the problem of the partners’ career disruption. If the enterprise doesn’t take into account the sacrifice of the partner’s job and salary when moving a worker outside, the assignment is almost

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