Human Resources Development Essay

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Human Resource Management is a consistent and productive approach towards the management of employees who are ‘valued assets' to the organization. And managing resourceful humans requires a constant balancing between meeting the human aspirations of the people and meeting the strategic and financial needs of the business. Hence linking the HRM more explicitly to the strategic goals to improve the business and foster innovation and flexibility, thus serves the overall purpose. As the UK focuses on the challenges to build a new growth model based upon its exceptional economic and social strengths, it has to become more productive and more competitive. Thus, if the UK’s recovery is to become sustainable, policy action on a broad front is …show more content…
Developing internal talent ideally pre-supposes an element of succession planning. Potential candidates for management positions need to be identified at an early stage and entered into a suitable development programme. This should include some basic management training, but further value would be added by real working experience – this could be job shadowing or a mentored secondment into a supervisory position. Such a strategy positions the organisation well in managing its manpower needs, but also assists staff in their career development.
• Recruitment: In some cases it may be necessary to bringing fresh talent into the business, though external recruitment should be treated with care given the additional costs involved, such as those of advertising and induction. It is important to think through the elements of the job, arriving at a comprehensive description. Identifying the skills required will then allow the production of a full person specification, the standard by which candidates will be assessed. An important aspect to filling posts either internally or externally is the operation of a fair and effective selection system based on proper criteria and administered by people with the necessary skills

All parts of the economy are growing but the government still has a huge amount to do through continuing to create jobs and supporting businesses to grow. The

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