Human Resources As A Discipline Of Its Own Essay

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Human resources is a discipline of its own since it involves a range of tasks within an organization that deal with managing people. The range of tasks makes it a discipline as these tasks are wide and varied. The tasks covered by human resources are geared towards creating value for the company and allowing positive experiences for employees. Human resources is a discipline which deals with the execution of the following functions: selection and recruitment of employees, training and development of the employees, performance management, communication and conflict resolution, compensation and benefits negotiation among others. Due to these functions, human resources is rooted in the practice of management since the discipline has to oversee various aspects of employees that involve management skills such as performance management and conflict resolution. Human resources encompasses influencing people’s capabilities in order to exude commitment from them as well as loyalty. All these virtues cannot be achieved without involving the practice of management. Therefore, human resources as a discipline is deeply entrenched in the practice of management. The goals of human resources in organizations are achieved using a set of integrated policies of employment which allow different management practices to come into play, ensuring the satisfaction of the employees.
Performance Management
Relevance and Importance of Performance Management Performance management is a practice of…

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