Human Resources And Business Policy Essays

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Option #2: Human Resources and Business Policy Employer 's desires to regulate their employees appearance in the workplace has increased substantially as today 's society continues to encourage and embrace self-expression. Although many employees are uncertain of their rights and responsibilities, as they pertain to appearance-based discrimination, employers continue to institute dress codes to regulate the appearance of their employees in the workplace. Dress codes, requirements for grooming, and appearance-based policies and standards are all legally permitted work practices (Marcum & Perry, 2010). However, employers must be aware that imposing gender-differentiated appearance and grooming standards that assume a clear and unmistakable relationship to a protected class, or are not based on genuine occupational qualifications, are considered illegal (Perkins, 2014).
Evan Todd Salon and Spa 's Dress Code Policy In the late nineteen-sixties, Congress recognized that classifications based on age, religion, sex, or national origin may serve as a necessary means for neutral employment qualifications essential to an employer’s business (Perkins, 2014). Congress created what is known as a bona fide occupational qualification (Borna, Stearns, Smith & Emamalizadeh, 2008). This qualification applies to the necessary operational needs of a particular enterprise when public safety is at stake, including law enforcement and bus drivers (Marcum & Perry, 2010). However, any…

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