Essay Human Resources : An Organization

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Most organizations think of Human Resources (HR) as a department that makes employment decisions, strictly administrative functionalities. HR has evolved over the years and has now become more of a strategic partner rather than the sole purpose of recruitment, hiring, and termination. However, when it comes to employment services, the Human Resources department must be well-rounded and knowledgeable in all facets of the process. Human resources is no longer used exclusively for hiring practices; they are the backbone of any organization. Failure to have an educated and innovative HR department could lead a business to a stagnant state. HR should not only compile statistics and data, but also look at the impact that data has on an organization (How HR Can Be a Business Partner, 2013). For example, did the training program increase the number of promotions within the organization or did the education classes improve sales? If the company does not look into the outcome of its efforts, they are simply wasted. Senior management will decide what is important, its strategies, and goals; however, HR will help with the execution of those strategies. It is important for HR to know its business and how it makes money, after all, that is what businesses strive to do (Oswald, 2012). HR can work as a partnership with the organization by helping meet those strategic goals, whether that is longevity for its employees or training staff to learn a new skill. Organizations will not…

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