Essay on Human Resources Administration of Workplace Safety

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Human Resources Administration of Workplace Safety
Human resources administration is frequently considered with limited recognition for all the intrinsic responsibilities that are vastly complex and broad in scope. Some of the responsibilities of an enterprises’ human resources department include: the assurance that the enterprise is in conformance with State and Federal employment laws; prompt payroll processing; accounting, tax calculation and filing; employee fulfillment; workplace safety requirements and wide-ranging benefits to name a few. Given the complexity of the many roles of an enterprises’ human resources department, the question is can the human resources department effectively manage workplace safety
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The act prescribes a workplace safety inspection regulation in which the Federal agency can send its representative to inspect any workplace to ensure that the place of employment and relative environment, devices, equipment, machines, materials, and structures all meet regulatory standards. OSHA also has the federal law support in which it can question privately the employer, owner, operator, agent or employee. Furthermore, if OSHA’s inspection is found to be deficient as result of the place of employment not adhering to the regulatory standards then the agency will issue an order that will instruct the place of employment of the stipulated conditions in which the employer must adhere to the means, methods, practices, operations, and processes. The place of employment must implement and be in full compliance with the OSHA standard in question (, 2011).
OSHA’s general requirements for workplace safety in the area of inspection requires that the compliance officer is familiar with as many applicable details as feasible concerning the workplace, including such things like the history of the place of employment, nature of the business and any exacting applicable industry standards. Planning for a

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