Human Resource Essay

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Humen resourse

|Student’s name |(Surname) |(Given names) |
|ID number | |Phone | |
|Unit name | |Unit code | |

Note: If this is a group assignment, please include the names of all other group members.

|Title of assignment |
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| |
|Plagiarism: Plagiarism means to take and use another person’s ideas and or manner of expressing them and to pass these off as one’s own by failing to give|
|appropriate acknowledgement. This includes material from any source, staff, students or the Internet – published and unpublished works. |
| |
|Collusion: Collusion is unauthorised collaboration with another person or persons. |
| |
|Where there are reasonable grounds for believing that intentional plagiarism or collusion has occurred, this will be reported to the Chief Examiner, who |
|may disallow the work concerned by prohibiting assessment or refer the matter to the faculty manager. |


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