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UNIT 16 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Introduction I have been asked to write a report describing the procedures that Midshires Hospital might use to identify and then satisfy its human resources requirements. This report is to be submitted by 11th May 2012. ASSESSING THE CURRENT WORKFORCE The human resource department of Midshires hospital is the function within the hospital that deals with issues like recruitment, administration and training related to people such as their employees so they have

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Sometimes organisations and businesses use specialised software packages called Human Resource Information Systems to keep record of all the employees including their skills. Employees are required to complete an employee survey which basically involves information about their skills and qualifications that have been currently achieved so this is a way the human resource department updates itself on the skills and qualifications of its employees.
Technology has a major impact on organisations and business because of its constant changes so it influences the number of workforce that an organisation or business needs to employ, their resources and the level of technical expertise required. For instance, employees are able to communicate 24/7 through devices such as mobile phones but at first this was only possible in the office, customers order goods and service themselves via the internet or telephone so this means that employees might need new skills such as problem solving and customer service to deal with enquiry emails rather than just the old traditional skills input.
Future predictions indicate that the population is growing faster than ever and it is getting older. This could mean that Midshires hospital would have to have a large labour supply of both low and high skilled employees who will be able to render these services. By
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