Human Resource Essay

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The word “manage” as used in business can simply be defined as the art of dealing with people with the aim of bringing the best out of then so as to improve the productivity of the business. It is not easy to manage some of the things we have that have no life let alone people. People are complex in themselves and to have different people from different backgrounds to work together can prove to be very difficult. It is however possible for people to come together for a common goal. It does not matter how they are going to achieve their goal but the common thing that they want to achieve plays a very important role in taming people to put their differences aside and work together.
Rothwell (2008, p.23) argues that it is mandatory for a
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Whenever humans come together with a common objective there is very little that they cannot do. It is important that the tem leader gets to have a one on one understanding with each of the team members so as to know the individual strengths of the team members. It is in this way that the responsibilities are divided. One does what they are good at but with the conscious awareness that he or she is only but a piece of a jigsaw, that there are others that are also specializing in their area of expertise to complete the jig saw into one complete thing that makes economic and objective sense (Michaels, 1994, p.45).
The only reason a company would invest in its people is so as to enhance performance of the business. They are the key players in an organization and should be handled with care. There are various ways in which organizations or businesses entice and build their employees so as to achieve higher quality and quantity performance. A business is judged by its outcome. It is the various people employed to work for the venture equipped with the spirit of teamwork that determine the performance of the business. It is quite clear that team work is then a very important factor as it is the ship in which if the business sails, it will never drown or subdue to the waves of furious business challenges. It is always feels good to be associated with winning. It makes one feel like they are pursuing a worthy cause. If a

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