Human Resource 's Roles And Responsibilities Essay

1786 Words Jan 17th, 2015 8 Pages
In today’s day in age some organizations have to conduct business globally in order to succeed and gain the competitive advantage necessary to stay in business. To help that organization succeed an efficient and effective Human Resource program needs to be established and defined. Through the years, Human Resource’s roles and responsibilities towards an organization has shifted to where HR contributes vital input towards the analysis and development of organizational strategies. HR plays a vital role in employee recruitment and selection, human capital, identifying employee needs to match the needs of the organization and to continuously reevaluate their goals and to build organizational capabilities that meet the desired vision of the organization. Globally this can be a challenge, however, if HR understands the prospects and challenges associated with the country they are conducting business it can be a tremendous success. As a new member in the Scandinavian division it is crucial to depict what will move the organization forward and build the workforce to which it is intended. That is, a skillful and motivated workforce that knows the organizations intent and provides the required duties to meet that intent. The definition of HR, the functions of HR, what Human Capital is, global opportunities and global challenges will be discussed throughout this paper. Thus, the essential skills, hiring strategy and required communication for a new manager in the Scandinavian Division…

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