Human Resource Practices Impact On Organizations Essay

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From perusing the surveys, there are many instances and situations in which human resource approaches and practices impact on the organization. Nowadays, there are many approaches and practices that can be utilized by companies to improve their overall performance.

Organizations have been impacted by HR approaches and practices greatly and it can be easily observed From the CIPD HR survey, participants in the survey have agreed that Human Resource takes an active role in the development of culture in the organization. For example, DreamWorks executives strive to foster creativity by encouraging employees to take risks and giving staff members the opportunity to engage in spontaneous discussions. This type of company culture seems to be paying off for DreamWorks, and as a proved of that, the company has an astonishing 97 percent employee retention rate. Therefore, given the outstanding results achieved by Dreamworks Animation, this company should be taken as a model because of their excellent performance.

However, another way human resource practices impact on organizations is by segmenting the issues faced and sort them in terms of importance. Many companies rate leadership as the most urgent issue that they must focus on. This allows those companies to then implement or train the managers in better ways or provide better practices that boost overall performance Lopez, S. P., Peon, J. M. M., & Ordas, C. J. V. (2005). Adopting this method, it will simplify ways for the…

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