Human Resource Practices And Human Resources Development Essay

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The human resource practices are used by organizations as a critical strategic tool for the promotion of favorable behavior amongst employees and as thus leverage their abilities, skills, and knowledge for the purposes of increasing performance and productivity. The human resource function is thus significant in an organization since it involves placing the most qualified individuals in the correct positions and with the correct direction, these individuals perform their tasks to the advantage of the organization. Therefore, human resource management involves selecting the right people and providing career development, reward, and compensation to ensure that the organization attracts and retains the most competent human resources.
There are four dimensions of human resources management practices that are considered part of the human resource architecture of organizations through a combination of employee and managerial perspectives with the qualitative and quantitative aspects of human resource development. These dimensions are; employee exposure to human resources development, the perceived benefits of human resource development, resource investment in human resources development, and management support for human resources development, HRD.
Resource Investment in HRD
This involves the quantitative dimension that focuses on management and refers to the amount of expenditure set aside for HRD in actual monetary terms. Resources are invested in HRD through education and…

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