Human Resource Planning Essay

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1. Human Resource Planning
A general human resource plan (HRP) is done by Human Resource Manager or Department. Although there are two categories that HRP may be divided into: ‘hard’ and ‘soft’. Hard ones are only undertaken by HR specialists. The latter one usually involves HR specialists, line managers and possibly other staff (Beardwell and Claydon, 2007). Numerous factors that influence the company are out of its control. However, there are factors that affect directly how companies recruit new employees. Human resource planning analyses these factors to make sure that the business recruits the most talented candidates when they are needed.
Undertaking HRP, both internal and external factors should be considered:Internal factors:
Mission. This summarises purpose, values and vision of the company. When staff filling is required, the organisation can start recruiting people who possess values that are similar to the company’s. For example, if business focuses on

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