Essay on Human Resource Planning

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Objective 1: Define human resource planning (HRP) and understand its crucial relationship with strategic organisational planning
The purpose of human resource planning is to ensure that organisational objectives are met through the effective utilisation of an organisation’s human resources. It is essentially an ongoing process, focused on the long term, but cognisant of changes in both the internal and external environments in which these organisations operate. In reality, HRP must be a series of processes, with long-, medium- and short-term contingency options, in order to comprehensively reflect HR strategies and to modify associated HR functions. HRP is concerned with matching labour demand and supply projections within the internal
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Objective 3: Understand the nature and role of Human Resource Information Management Systems (HRIMS) in HRP and SHRM
The complexity and growth of legislation governing employee working conditions, as well as the growth in administrative systems and processes, has meant that more sophisticated and electronic mechanisms for storing and utilising information have had to be developed. Computerised HRIMS enable the storage of employee data in a secure and easily accessible manner, as well as the ability to determine trends and to develop closer links between HRM and HRP, between HRM and corporate strategies and, importantly, between HR managers, line and senior management. More recently, as a directly strategic initiative, HRIMS have been linked to benchmarking practices, allowing comparison of HR ‘bottom line’ outcomes with national and international performance HR benchmarks.

Objective 4: Apply the techniques of HRP
HR managers usually employ a systematic process when undertaking HRP, including labour demand forecasting, labour supply analysis, balancing supply and demand considerations, and the formulation of staffing strategies to meet

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