Essay on Human Resource Planning And Recruitment System

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This project was carried out with the purpose of examining a company’s process in hiring of employees. The project was carried out by interviewing the operations manager of The National Security Service. Discussed below are the findings of the interview with the operations manager with regards to the Company’s hiring and selection process.
Company Details
The National Security Service is a service oriented company that delivers services such as; equipment and asset protection, armed security guards, commercial, construction site security guards, disaster response, mobile security patrol, personal protection, school guards, fire watch, retail security guards, events security guards and residential security guards. The manager who was interviewed, Mr. Charles Hall is in charge of the operations at the Fire Watch department. He has twenty-three employees under his watch and his office telephone number is (888)386-4068.
Human resource planning and recruitment system
The human resource manager at the company plans for recruitment by projecting the future labor needs of the company using a mathematical method known as the regression analysis. The regression analysis is used to determine the relationship between Y variables (independent variable) such as a number of employees and X variable (dependent variable) such as service delivery by actually measuring the relationship that existed in the past. The use of this method means that they commence with a series of observations each…

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