Human Resource Managers ( Hrm ) Essay

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;It is the people within a business that makes the business profitable. Human Resource Managers (HRM) and managers hold the intricate responsibility of aligning candidates with the appropriate job. This requires HRM’s and members of management to view people as human assets, not liabilities to the business.
HRM’s assist manager’s by suggesting how the company wishes to manage people as business resources from a profitable perspective. Their job responsibilities include managing, recruiting, and hiring employees. HRM’s are also responsible for enforcing federal laws, employee benefits, training, and development strategies. Companies are now looking at HRM’s as a consultant to the manager, not workers in an isolated capacity. An HRM is utilized as strategic partners to managers, they advocate to employees, and are the champion of change within an organization.
There are nine areas of competency in human capital management, according to the SHRM HR Competency Model. Each of the nine competencies have proficiency standards for four career levels; Early, Mid, Senior, & Executive. The proficiency standard for each career level gives an example of where the candidate should be from an experience perspective. SHRM’s Elements for HR Success comprises nine primary competencies.
• Human Resource Expertise
• Relationship Management
• Consultation
• Leadership and Navigation
• Communication
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Ethical Practice
• Critical Evaluation
• Business Acumen

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