Essay on Human Resource Management

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Georgia College and State University Human Resource Management Human resource management (HRM) is an area that is vitally important for any public agency to function properly. Within HRM there is a very significant relationship that must exist between the employees and the organization itself. One must be able to focus on the moral values of the organization, as well as the values that could be incorporated through positive relationships. Georgia College and State University operates under the University System of Georgia along with many other renowned universities within the State of Georgia. However, even though these institutions operate under the same system, they each have their own unique human resource department with specialized …show more content…
(Anca-Ioana, Munteanu 1522)
HRM is a field that not many people understand until the proper research is conducted and analyzed. Even though it is a department full of resources to help employees succeed in their job, the Georgia College human resource department, like many others, is much more than just those resources. This department is the mediator between the employees and the university. These requirements are necessary for a human resource department to thrive. Along with this, the mediation also assists in ensuring that Georgia College has the ability to fulfill its mission statement. Each university in the University System of Georgia has a distinctive mission statement that it abides by. At Georgia College, the mission statement has a main focus on the students. It is as follows:
As Georgia's public liberal arts university, Georgia College offers undergraduate programs of study to talented and motivated students in a residential college setting. Georgia College also provides, at multiple locations, graduate and professional studies that support the needs of the region and create pathways to individual success and personal fulfillment. Its academically engaging, student-centered programs often take learning beyond the traditional classroom and develop the intellectual, professional, and civic skills and dispositions that enable graduates to

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