Human Resource Management Essay

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Question 1
When an organization encounters extreme turnover, the organization will suffered in terms of brain drain that is considered as the loss of skills, power, and human resource. However organizations that have little turnover will achieve their objectives. There are two types of turnover, that this essay will focus on as well as the causes and ways that can be used to counter both turnovers.
Firstly, turnover refers to leaving the organization because of employees not being happy with their employer’s decision or attitude, which creates job dissatisfaction occurring from negative treatment. Involuntary turnover occurs when the organization causes depression or dissatisfaction by terminating employees, in simple terms “turnover
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An employer can retain key employees by creating job satisfaction and communicating well with terminated employees as well as establishing policy ( al, 2011). Job satisfaction can be used to address voluntary turnover, by selecting appropriate employees in accordance with job and also provide a feedback efficiently and effectively. Communicating and establishing policy also used in addressing involuntary turnover. The organization or employer requires good communication about why termination is being carried out, in order to make terminated victim (employees) understand. Involuntary turnover can also be prevented by establishing policies that cater the good behavior of employees within the organization and also their discipline.
In summary, turnover has two types; involuntary turnover and voluntary turnover. The two types of turnover generally produce a serious problem and therefore the employer should ensure to prevent both of these turnovers in an organization. Regardless to turnover can be said as regardless to the organizational success and making the organization disrupt and at the end, collapsed will occur.
Question 3
The following essay firstly discusses the importance of training and development programs in organizations. The second part explains the reason of why e-learning is preferred more as a mode of training rather than classroom training by managers. The last part of the essay will provide advantages and disadvantages produced

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