Human Resource Management Strategies At Therapedic Essay

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c) Involuntary redundancy or retrenchment
This occurs when employees are made redundant due to restructuring or downsizing and may be the result of the completion of a project, after which the employee is no longer required. Involuntary redundancies at Therapedic may occur if human resource managers outsource the manufacture of beds to overseas contractors or if Therapedic’s production process becomes more automated with the introduction of new technology and a shift towards capital-intensive production. Redundancies also occur due to an economic downturn, when the demand for Therapedic’s beds declines and consequently Therapedic is unable to continue paying staff. Therapedic’s human resource managers should consult with staff prior to termination and support them to enable a smooth transition that does not adversely affect the remaining employee’s morale. Human resource managers may be required to show that the redundancy was genuine and that the employee was consulted about alternative redeployment options.

Human Resource Management Strategies at Therapedic
Human resource managers at Therapedic have access to a wide range of strategies to rectify poor performance and ensure staff goals are aligned with the strategic goals of the business.

Workplace Dispute Strategies
Workplace disputes refer to conflicts, disagreements or dissatisfaction between individuals and groups within a business, in addition to external stakeholders. Recently, government policies have shifted…

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