Human Resource Management Reflection Paper

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INTRODUCTION The ELPS 953 Human Resources Management course at the University of Kansas provided me with new insights into the roles and responsibilities of district leadership. Even more so, this course has taught me how to think more like a Human Resource manager. There have been several opportunities recently in my professional life that have shaped my awareness of these new skills and perspectives that I have gained over the semester.
LEARNING AND APPLYING CONCEPTS PROFESSIONALLY A week ago, I walked into a conference with over 2,000 district and building administrators from around the country. Some of the districts are new to the AVID program, while others are rated National Demonstration Schools. Representation came from across
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In fact, this would potentially be something to add to the curriculum in the near future. To summarize the several hour long episode, a group of angry community members, who self identify as Black Lives Matter-LFK, completely took over the board meeting shortly after the agenda was approved and an award was given out to an elementary custodian. This is the second time this group has taken over a board meeting where the board could not conduct any business. I describe this as fascinating, as it was incredible to watch the superintendent and the board members’ actions from an analytical standpoint. The superintendent did not stop the group and has admitted to not knowing exactly what to do. I immediately thought of Dr. DeLuca asking us, “What are you going to do?” I kept uttering this phrase over and over again to the point where my husband started looking at me with a weird expression. However, I was thinking from a district leader’s perspective. In that situation, how would I have handled that situation differently? What should have been done that wasn’t? How could have the situation been diffused before getting to that point? The meeting was full of emotion and outbursts. I acknowledge that we [districts] want to protect both staff and students, and we do this through open and orderly communication. When I was almost having a personal anxiety attack imagining myself in Mr. Hayden’s (superintendent) position, I realized that there are times that “it depends” is the answer, and there are other times that we need to be prepared as leaders to tackle any challenge even when time to process is not an option. We must be ready to manage both conflict and change at the turn of a dime at the district

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