Human Resource Management Practices : Turkey Essay

1580 Words Jun 27th, 2015 7 Pages
Human Resource Management Practices in Turkey
Ahmet Emre Bulduk
National University
Prof. Robert Showghi
May 27, 2015

Human Resource Management Practices in Turkey Human resource management (HRM) has been getting important in Turkey after 1980s. Nowadays, Turkish companies consider HRM as a key factor in gaining and maintaining competitive advantage. HRM is a growing area in advancing Turkey. This situation has provided disadvantages as well as advantages. One of the most important advantages is that many people are interested in this field both employees and students who want to specialize in this particular field. Conversely, There are no adequate information and authority to lead practices and fulfill the request from organizations. Furthermore, there are lots of external and internal factors that affect HRM’s progress in Turkey. Turkey has great young population, which allows switching new concepts easily in a short span of time. The economy depended on agricultural products in the earlier stages of Turkey. Nowadays, agricultural products in Turkey are getting reduced day by day. On the other hand, service sector has grown approximately three times bigger than agricultural decreasing. Having this kind of dramatic change from an agricultural product based economy to service based economy Turkish economy has started to give more importance to person rather than products. In addition to that Turkey is very crowded and 16th very industrialized country of…

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