Human Resource Management Practices Improve Organizational Resilience

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Organization world over are considering the adoption of new work practices, such as problem solving teams, enhanced communication with workers, employment security, flexibility in job assignments, training workers for multiple jobs, and greater reliance on incentive pay. This work provides empirical evidence to address the question; do these human resource management practices improve organizational resilience. Ability to respond and ability to monitor invariably improve on organizational resilience (Barney, 2007).

Dimensions of Talent Management
2.2.1 Talent Identification
This is the process of finding the right people for each job by understanding what constitutes success in a particular role. It is the finding of candidates with the capabilities that will enable success allow them to support the long term goals of the organization. It is important because hiring the right people helps increase turn over and increase revenue.
Conversely, hiring the wrong people can cost the business organization money and harm its reputation with customers, employees and the business associates at large. In selecting talent, it is important to understanding what makes jobs different from each other and understanding the metrics making up each job type (Braver, 2006). This is where a job analysis is helpful to determine what abilities, skills, and behaviours are necessary, especially if you have a number of jobs that are superficially alike. Predictive assessments can help hiring…

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