Human Resource Management Issues in Media Organizations Essay examples

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Media sector (Print, Online and Broadcast) in India is gaining popularity. If we see in the recent years many news channels has come up, we can say that the face of Indian media is changing. This might be the reason that journalism as a profession which was once not considered as an attractive alternative is becoming more and more alluring to many people. The growing awareness about the profession also raises various questions like - What is the working environment in a typical media organization like? How is the professional and personal life of a journalist related? Is the work profile very demanding and employees have to work under specific deadlines? Is there gender bias? We have tried to capture all these issues and
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Because of their highly subjective nature, journalist tasks like news writing and editing have been prone to attacks on ethical terms.

Cultural Stages of Journalistic Work

Professional work can be conceptualized as consisting of three culturally defined overlapping stages: the diagnosis, inference and treatment of human traits. Diagnosis is that part of professional work where workers take information into their knowledge system. The diagnostic aspect of the process of journalistic work involves taking information into the knowledge system or reporting. Journalistic work has always involved gathering observations and information from the broader environment. This diagnostic process involves journalists getting in close contact with the affected parties. Newspaper journalists work has met the criterion of this diagnostic stage differently depending on such factors as the period under study, type of newspaper (whether daily, weekly, special or general focus). The diagnostic stage in journalism has changed from a largely passive to a more proactive one. But even today journalists depend on other suppliers of information and impressions of the world. There is rarely a clear separation between the diagnostic and inference stage of journalistic work. Often those involved in gathering information make judgement as they do their work.

Inference, a purely professional act that occurs between diagnosis and treatment, “takes

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