Human Resource Management Issues For The Administrative Team At Central Highlands Community Legal Centre

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1. Introduction
The objective of this report is to consider a human resource management issue, analyse the situation, identify issues and provide recommendations in moving forward. This report will look at key issues pertaining to staff training and development for the administrative team at Central Highlands Community Legal Centre (CHCLC).
1.1 The organisation
CHCLC is a generalist community legal centre providing free legal information and advice on a variety of civil legal matters for those who cannot afford legal representation. CHCLC obtains funding for services from State and Federal Government, in addition to applying for grants to run specific programs.
CHCLC was incorporated in 1989 and employs three full time and two part time solicitors, a trainee solicitor administrative staff, including a coordinator and a project worker, with up to 30 volunteers filling various roles within the organisation, including two volunteer duty solicitors. An executive volunteer management team provide leadership and direction for the organisation.
The legal team is engaged and managed by an experienced lead solicitor, with formal and informal training available for all solicitors, whether they are employed or volunteers. An administrative coordinator oversees the day to day running of the office and oversees administrative staff and volunteers.
2. Human Resource Management Issue
Strategic human resource management (SHRM) encompasses a collection of practices, programs and…

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