Human Resource Management Is The Process Of Treating Employees As Human Beings And Not As Commodities

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Human Resource Management is the process of treating employees as human beings and not as commodities. For human beings are diverse individuals, which requires managers who can possess the social skills needed to manage employee needs. (Characteristics) Its task is to ensure that qualified employees are placed in positions that will be beneficial to the success of the organization. (Characteristics) The purpose of its inception was to improve labor problems, by way of better management.
It was during the 19th century that worker, also called “welfare officers,” (History) were into introduce to forefront to ensure that female worker, well-being in the workplace was protected. Based on the article, “History of HR and the CIPD,” by CIPD Management. (History) the sole purpose,
“Their creation was a reaction to the harshness of industrial conditions, coupled with pressures arising from the extension of the franchise, the influence of trade unions and the labour movement, and the campaigning of enlightened employers, often Quakers, for what was called ‘industrial betterment’.” (History)
During World Word One, men were called off to war, which left the positions they held vacant. In order to meet the demand for output, women were finally given the opportunity to fill these positions. It was at that time that the personnel management first comes into existence. To insure that the need requirements were met, it was the responsibility of the personnel manager to work out…

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