Human Resource Management Is No More Than ‘Old Wine in New Bottles’.

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Human resource management is no more than ‘old wine in new bottles’. Discuss.
‘’HRM is regarded by some personnel managers as just a set of initials or old wine in new bottles. It could indeed be no more and no less than another name for PM ’’ ( Armstrong, 1987)
First we have to understand the meaning of HRM, but attempts to define HRM precisely have resulted in confusion and contradiction rather than clarity [Price, 1997]. However, according to Storey (1989) Human resource management is a completely different philosophy and an approach contrast to Personnel management. In his view, HRM provides a completely new form of managing personnel and can therefore be regarded as departure from the orthodoxy of traditional personnel management.
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As result, it can be concluded that PM is an activity aimed mainly at non-managers while HRM is less clearly focused but is surely concerned more with managerial staff. This shift of importance appears related to two other differences.
The second is that both PM and HRM highlight the role of line management but the focus is different. In the PM models, line’s role is very much an appearance of the observation that all managers manage people. It can be said that all managers in a sense carry out PM. Furthermore, it carries the acknowledgment that most specialist personnel work still has to be implemented within line management’s department where the labor force is physically located (Legge, 1978). In the HRM models, HRM is vested in line management as business managers are responsible for coordinating and directing all resources in the business unit to pursuit of bottom-line result. This creates that the bottom line appear to be specified more correctly than in the PM models, also this model of HRM will effect on quality of product or service (Storey 1987; Upton, 1987). But despite of this, a clear relationship is drawn between the success of this result and the line’s suitable and practical use of the human resource in the business unit. On the other hand, Personnel policies are not reflexively incorporated with business strategy, in the sense of flowing

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