Essay about Human Resource Management ( Hrm )

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is a new approach to manage human resources in any organisation. It looks into employment relationship between the employer and employee and its sole purpose is to strategically achieve in adding value to the organisational objectives. According to Storey’s (1992), an HR role is to provide advices and trainings for their line managers on daily basis, to have an advisor role with regards to improving employee’s performance, to develop and implement an HR policy within a company, lastly, to provide company with strategies in order to achieve competitive advantage by using HR techniques and either one being dominant than the other. Ulrich and Brockbank’s (2005) had afterward proposed that there are five important strategic roles of HR within a company that appears seemingly similar to the one’s of Storey’s (1992) but both proven to be a challenge for the Human resource manager to balance all these roles and hope for it to work altogether (Crawshaw et al., 2014).
In order to achieve competitive advantage in the company, it is vital for the human resource managers to recognise as part of its strategic planning to determine on the type of employee it wants and what type of skills it should have to make the best of its HR to enable employees to work in the company in alignment with the organisation short or long term goals (Baron et al., 2010). These types of workforce planning is used by company to adapt to any changes or challenges that may lie…

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