Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Essay

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Human resource management (HRM) is a dynamic and evolving practice used by leaders and managers throughout a firm to enhance productivity, quality, and effectiveness. Within organizations are three types of resources: physical, financial, and human. Physical resources are machines, materials, facilities, equipment, and component parts of products. Buildings are an example of this type of resource. The liquid assets of an organization refer to its financial resources. These include cash, stocks, bonds, investments, and operating capital. Similar to physical resources, financial resources are vital to the organization’s ability to react to opportunities for growth and expansion, which reflect its overall financial stability and strength. This is determined by comparing the assets (physical and financial) with the liabilities (debts) of the organization. Employees are a greater asset than physical or financial resources, for the talent of employees is what determines an organization’s success. Human resources are the people, and the employee handbook covers how the people (employees) are treated within an organization. The basics of getting, keeping, and growing people are the cornerstones human resource activities (Losey et. al., 2005). MMC’s Employee Handbook is human or people centric concentrating on the workers of the organization. HR organizational culture “is the set of key values, beliefs, and norms shared by members of an organization. HR Organizational…

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