Human Resource Management Final Project Essay

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Unit 10: Human Resource Management Final Project
BUS3040 – Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 12.18.2014
John Devillier
Capella University

Over the last thirty years or so, there has been a steady movement towards an economy based on services. Because of this, it has become increasingly important for companies to deploy strategies that make effective use of their resources. In the following paper, I will show that HR can no longer be viewed as just another department in the organization, but instead a vital piece that links organizational goals with HR strategy to ensure that there is alignment of the people policies with that of the management objectives.
Recruiting and selection
Recruiting is the activity
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(Raymond) Before recruiting for a new or existing position, it is important to work with the management of the department with the resource need to gather information about the nature of the job and conducting a job/work analysis of that role. Successful recruitment depends upon finding people with the necessary skills, expertise and qualifications to deliver organizational objectives and the ability to make a positive contribution to the values and aims of the organization.
The HR department is responsible for collaborating with management to ensure that the recruitment and selection process is legally defensible, which means the process is systematic and fair in order to objectively recruit and select potential employees. (Itika) Discrimination is a serious concern among recruiters. If discriminatory hiring practices can be proven, this could result in serious harm, both financially and in terms of reputation. The United States Department of Labor forbids discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, political affiliation, religion or age.
Training and development
The best way to answer the question why organizations should train people is to answer the question what will happen if they are not well trained. Training becomes important if there are deficiencies that should be addressed through training, or if there are changes in the organization which have to be put in

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