Human Resource Management Definition

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Human resource management has many definitions and different authors. The authors Boxall and Purcell (2010: 29) have defined Human resource management as the inevitable process that accompanies the growth of organisations. This definition shows that the Human resource department is a fundamental factor in the overall progression of a business.
The Human resource function focuses on many things such as; Human focus – e.g. employability, absenteeism; Resource focus – e.g. employee motivation, training and development; Management focus – e.g. wellbeing of employees, health and safety. It is important for each function of a business to stay separate as it gives them the opportunity to devote their time and effort into their area, hence, allowing
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whereas strategic HR considers the overall picture of the business’s growth. The operational HR attend operational meetings with the line managers in order to implement appropriate training and strategic HR are more concerned with taking the business forward which is more of the specialist function.
Lord Alan Sugar is a prime example of an entrepreneur who possesses attributes which a leader would hold. He is loyal to all his business partners and employees as he offers to give them a good salary and, with all his connections within the business world he almost guarantees success to any business which he holds a major share in. This makes him an expert at what he does. Lord Alan Sugar knows what is needed to make a business successful and knows which business idea has potential to be successful in their targeted market just by analysing their business plan.
By being an expert in what he does, it also means he is a reliable leader. This would give employees and managers/business partner’s reassurance as they know that he is an experienced leader, who can help to better both them as individuals and their business in accumulating more
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It is common knowledge that he started off with very little. From growing up in a council flat, to selling car radio aerials, and now amassing a fortune of estimated £1.15bn. This story shows that he is an expert in business who is reliable and is a massive inspiration to many.
Leadership links with Human Resources because they are the function which overlooks everything. Without that one attribute (leadership), it could result in the failure off the business and how it functions. Human Resources have to make sure that all aspects of a business; be it leadership, customer relations, employee relations etc. they all have to be fully functioning and be implemented into the business with the best quality to keep it from resulting in the failure of a business.
An employment relation is where the strategic approach in HRM is massively used. It is essentially the relationship between an employer and employee and mainly protects the employee from being bullied. It is defined by Armstrong (2011:272) that employee relations is when a psychological contract is developed and deal with the terms and conditions of employment. This would include any issues that arise from employment, the employees having a voice, and the communication between employer and employees. All of this basically consists of the employees benefits in order to protect them

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