Human Resource Management At The Home Office Of The Business Essay

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In today’s workforce, the human resource manager deals with many challenges related to laws, policies, interpersonal skills, and personnel issues to coordinate within the workforce. As we learned in chapter 17 “Personnel” is known as “Human Resource” today to help make people and organizations grow. In every business you will find that there is a HR department but my not be in your local business or intuition but will be at the home office of the business. For example at the college I work for we have a human resource department on site and also have one in Atlanta that over sees all of the colleges human resource managers. Human resource manager’s sometime struggle with the speed of hiring, percentage of completed performance reviews, and number of managers trained which leads to leaders within the business to describe them as being reactive. In order for HR to change the way leaders look at them they must change the way they are recruiting, training, and how to keep workers satisfied. After reading an article in Forbes they have acknowledge that HR professionals want to be recognized as Business Partners who specialize in Human Resource and not as just as representative. With them wanting to recognize as HR Business Partners has made them know the business, speak the language of the business, and helped in reading the financials to managing people. Human resource managers are no longer being looked at as costs or liabilities but as an asset to the intuition that…

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