Human Resource Management At A Small Urgent Care Clinic Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to further the knowledge gained in the classroom setting to a real-life experience in the workplace as experienced by Human Resource Management (HRM) in health care. The person interviewed name is Carla Brown she is the human resource manager of a small urgent care facility that serves the community and the surrounding area. Her educational background is extensive as well as the years served in the role as a human resource manager. The interview connects with the core concepts of human resource management in health care. Such as knowledge of the principles and procedures of staffing the organization, strategic management, and inclusive of the labor laws as it relates to effective labor relations processes.

Ms. Carla Brown is, up until recently, the HR manager of an urgent medical care clinic just outside of Denver. The urgent care clinic serves the community and the surrounding area. She handles the daily tasks of the human resource (HR) department. Ms. Brown works Monday through Friday; the role of HR department is quite similar to most other human resource depart no matter the type of organization. As a human resource manager, she is in constant communication with the physicians and office managers withing the practice. The human resource manager’s responsibilities encompass the everyday operations of the department, which includes staffing the organization, strategic management and labor regulation and staff…

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