Human Resource Management And Strategic Management Essay

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Armstrong (2009) argues that the crossing point among the human resource management with strategic management is called strategic human resource management (Boxall, 1996).
As reported by Mathanas (2011), by using strategic human resource management approach, management can analyze the long term objectives of the business so that they can manage their activities in that ways to develop the performance and culture of the company. In other words, SHRM describes the contribution of people to achieve the organizational targets by implementation of HR strategies, guidelines as well as practices. Thus Strategic human resource management is a part of human resource management and it just changed the hub and style of traditional ways of HR functions.
As people or workers are the asset of any company so to fulfil their requirements as well as expectations, SHRM performed its role and encouraging them towards company’s targets. It also help the employees regarding any enterprises issue that’s effect them such as salary, administration problems, their promotions, appointments etc. It encourages a favourable atmosphere for workforce so that company can meet its production point. It deals with upgrading of employees retention time as well as working time of skilled personnel. Company can get its competitive lead by reducing the costs through SHRM. It helps to make sure performance reliability by proper utilization of organization resources to attain its goals. It transforms strategies…

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