Human Resource Management And Organizational Performance Essay

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Human resource management is being developed continuously on how it can act as tool for achieving organisational performance. Strategic HRM came up in supporting HRM to link strategically to the greater organisational outcomes rather than just contributing on employees (K.Darwish, 2013). To be on a broader sketch about SHRM, a considerable tool used by the HR department to achieve organisational outcomes. The idea about strategic HRM has been evolved on how the employees are managed efficiently for attaining organisational performance.
“Its essential core idea is to link and integrate the HR function with the overall strategic direction of the organisation to improve organisational performance and thus gain a sustainable competitive advantage“(K.Darwish, 2013).
Strategic human resources management address the needs of the organisation, attaining a link between future, culture and the strategy of the organisation. The human resource managers align with the organisation vision, strategy and mission thus producing a strategic human resource management approach. (S E JACKSON, 2014).
HR strategy critical to organisational success:
Organisational performance is what the most critical all companies are looking to achieve. The performance of any organisation can be achieved in many ways and in this part of the essay we are trying to focus human resource management strategy critical for the organisation performance.
The organisational outcomes in terms of HRM perspective has been…

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