Human Resource Management And Hrm Essay

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The debate over the nature of Human resource management (HRM) has been going on for a long time now. However, the focus of this debate has shifted from the personnel management and HRM to strategic HRM (SHRM) and to what extent it can be the means of acquiring competitive advantage for a business (Budhwar and Sparrow, 1997; Barney, 1991). SHRM is the HRM practices and strategies with the corporate strategy (Bennett, Ketchen & Schultz, 1998). There are various HR strategies and practices that can be used to improve the organisational performance, However, these practices differ between sectosr, firms and occupations. This essay gives an insight into these practices and how and why do they vary in different contexts. First, the terms that are used frequently in the essay are defined. Second, the HR practices that enhance the organisational performance are discussed. Fourth, the essay examines how and why these practices vary. Finally, the essay ends with a conclusion.

HR Practices that enhance organisational Productivity:
There is a wide range of flexible working practices (FWPs) that can be adopted to reduce the overall human resource costs and to enhance the organisational performance (Menezes & Kelliher, 2011). Some of these important FWPs are described by Hudson (2002), as numerical flexibility, temporal flexibility and functional flexibility. The numerical flexibility is the ability of a company to regulate the number of its employees according to the labour demand. This…

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