Essay about Human Resource Management and Case Study Bm701dl

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Human Resource Management - Case Study BM701DL

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Module Title: Human Resources Management

Module Code: BM701DL

Student ID No: 21125373

Dissertation Title: Case Study of Hi-Tec International

Module Co-ordinator / Tutor: Dorothy Smith

Word Count: 2659

Submission Date: 17th September 2011

Sanjeewa Kodikara 21125373

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Human Resource Management - Case Study BM701DL

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Executive Summery


1. Question1: How effectively Hi-Tec can move


In recruitment without justifying
Unnecessary spending
1.1. Issues


1.1.1. Recruit fresh graduates and train them


1.1.2. Advertisement in national newspapers


1.1.3. The use of
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1.2 Solution


According to (Dowling and Schuler, 1990) “searching for and obtaining potential job candidates in sufficient numbers and quality so that the organisation can select the most appropriate people to fill its job needs”
According to Beaumont (1993) three key issues that have increased the importance of the selection criteria.

Changes of the labour market have led to a more diverse work force, which have an increasing pressure of fairness in selection.

Sanjeewa Kodikara 21125373

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Human Resource Management - Case Study BM701DL

Desire for multi skilled flexible workforce and an increased emphasis on teamwork has meant that selection decisions are much based more with behaviour and attitudes than with matching individuals to immediate job requirements. •

Emphasis between cooperate strategy and people management has led to strategic selection that links selection process to outcome organisational goals and aims match flow of people emerging.

Hi-Tec can develop short term and long term strategies for recruitment to remedy their problem. Below graph shows contemporary approach results on recruitment

CIPD Survey (CIPD: 2009)
Sanjeewa Kodikara 21125373

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Human Resource Management - Case Study BM701DL

In this consent Hi-Tec can look at implementing below methods,

1.2.1Fix internal issues
In this case 2.5% of employees have been subject to

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