Human Resource Managemant/Mcdonalds Corporation Essay

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McDonald’s Corporation

To determine if McDonald’s has competition when it comes to having a business that is profitable and where diversity and career opportunities is what help put McDonald’s way ahead of the competition.

The article McDonald’s Corporation describes McDonald’s as the world’s largest restaurant chain and has been in business since 1948 where Dick and Mac McDonald opened up McDonald’s Bar-B-Que restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Ray Kroc, the man who made McDonald’s a household name became a franchising agent for the McDonald’s brothers in 1954 and opened his first McDonald’s in Illinois in 1955. The brothers sold the company to Ray Kroc in 1961 for 2.7 million. Revenues reached a record high of
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McDonald’s can improve its HR management by making sure that HR has the best employees to perform as an HR should. HR should make sure that a job design is implemented for the quality of work life for employees (pg. 240). Each employee should have a job description that details what it is that they are to do on the job. HR should also have objectives in place as well. This will ensure that better integrations among functional areas such as training and development objectives would be geared toward and integrated with production, sales, and skills needed (pg. 112). HR should also make sure that the job design they have in place is one that will help and keep their employees motivated. The job design should include job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment, work teams, and autonomous work groups (pg. 247). These designs will help the employee to be more active in their job responsibilities as well as help them to develop more skills in other areas that they may not be familiar with.
What would also help McDonald’s reduce turnovers is to implement a mentoring program if they don’t already have one. According to the textbook, mentoring is a guide or knowledgeable person higher up in the organization to help a new employee “learn the ropes” of the organization and to provide other advice (pg. 280). I think that a mentoring program would help McDonald’s to keep employees that are star

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