Human Resource: General Electrics and Samsung Essay

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1. The comparison between Samsung and GE in terms of staffing process

The Recruitment and Selection Process is one of the basic HR Processes. Recruitment and Selection are very sensitive as many managers have a need to hire a new employee and these processes are always under a strict monitoring from their side. The Recruitment and Selection Process must be simple and robust enough to operate excellently in the moment of the insufficient number of candidates on the job market. Also, the process must be also able to process a large number of candidates within given time. The clearly defined Recruitment and Selection Process is a key to the success of any Human Resources Department. To assess companies and to make a comparison regarding
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They basically provide standard test called SSAT to assess candidates’ ability based on creativity, sense of judgments, and flexibility of thinking. After that, they have individual interview process with selected candidates by SSAT. It is clear that they focus on hiring employees who have potentials that will fit into organization. They also encourage prospective employees to have the ability of global talent, specialization for the job that will be assigned and strong sense of challenge. On the other hand, we noticed that GE has different value of selection of candidates in terms of HRM. Most of all, GE’s selection period can be described as mainly focusing on skilled and experienced level of employees who have at least 5 year’s experiences related to the job position. Since Jeff Immelt took a place as CEO, they have built a solid concept of recruitment based on the ability of imagination, problem solving, building creativity and leading skills of employees. According to their strategy, it is clear that they require employees to have the highest quality of talent based on the level of experiences and education regarding job requirement. Although there are somewhat similarities between two companies to select the level of new employees based on pursuing the importance of genius and perfection, it is clear that they have the different values emphasized on employees that have a great deal of impact on building the organization. Those factors are mainly

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