Human Resource Functions Of An Hr Department Essay

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The status of an HR department in most organizations depends on whether the organization is small or large. In small organizations, most do not have a separate department to co-ordinate any of the activities relating to personnel (Aswathappa, 2005). In fact, some do not even have any human resource manager at all. A large scale organization on the other hand will have a Manager or a Director as the head of the HR department; in this case, his or her status will be the same as that of that of any executive. This arrangement works well when the firm has a single unit but when a firm contains several units located in different parts of the country, there may be a centralized HR department located at the main or one registered office and each of the branches having a separate HR department (Aswathappa, 2005). Routine functions relating to each branch are handled by the HR department that is attached to the work, whereas the broad policies of the organization, matters which concern executives and related activities are handled by the central HR department.
This paper will deal with the composition and functions of human resource department.

Composition of HR Department
A typical organization, an HR department is headed by a Director, followed by a HR Manager, Administration Manager, Human Resource development (HRD) Manager and Industrial Relations Manager. However, in a mid-size firm, the HR manager currently reports to…

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