Human Resource Challenges In The 21st Century Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… This can be described in two words: individual flexibility. In addition, “the expanded cultural diversity of the workforce will demand that HR tailor benefits to meet the "value levers" of each group and/or person. While monetary compensation will be as important as always, creating personal value will become a major factor designing processes to meet the various needs of these groups” (Effron, Grandossy, Goldsmith Ch. 3). For example, a benefits program that is tailored to individuals rather than the traditional, one-size-fits-all benefits plan, a flexible program that allows employees to spend their benefit provision according to their specific …show more content…
They must develop appropriate measuring tools. The text describes two approaches used to evaluate the effectiveness of HRM practices: the audit approach and the analytical approach. The audit approach focuses on reviewing the various outcomes of th4e HRM functional areas. The analytical approach focuses on either (1) determining whether the introduction of a program or practice (like a training program or a new compensation system) has the intended effect or (2) estimating the financial costs and benefits resulting from an HRM practice (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright 725,727,729). Feedback from employees and top-level line executives is a means of measuring the effectiveness from a strategic …show more content…
They will be expected to understand global business practices and support workforce diversity within the organization. They will need to comprehend business strategies and communicate frequently with line managers. HR will certainly survive the next decade but will continue to transform. Just as HR has changed from 10years ago the same will be true 10 years from now.

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