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Employee Relations and Labour Laws

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6,500 in Maharashtra.

The rest of the definition (i.e., or exercises, either by the nature of the duties attached to the office or by reason of the powers vested in him, function mainly of a managerial nature) remains unchanged.

(iii) Grievance redressal machinery in an establishment having 20 or more workmen with one stage appeal to the employer has been provided.

(iv) In cases of retrenchment, discharge, dismissal or termination of services, the workman can directly apply to Labour Courts/Tribunals after expiry of 45 days from the date he has made the application for reinstatement to the conciliation officer. The outer limit to approach the Labour Court or the Industrial Tribunal is 3 years from the date of the dispute, termination, retrenchment etc.

The Government has amended the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 vide the Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act, 2010. The Act has been amended after a series of tri-partite consultations to do away with the ambiguity in the definition of Appropriate Government and series of Judgments of the Apex Court interpreting the definition differently.

The amended provisions have come into force vide Notification No.2278 (E) dated 15.9.2010. The amended Act provides for the following: -

The definition of term ‘Appropriate Government’ has been amplified which will eliminate all ambiguities in the interpretation of the definition of ‘appropriate Government’.

Wage ceiling of the

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