Human Relations : The Core Of Its Definition Essay

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I feel like this course gives you just a tiny glimpse of what management is like and paints a picture with the different aspects that can make a leader great. I believe that to be a great manager you need to understand what human relations is at the core of its definition. This is what the book says about it; “If the worker is concerned with such objectives as good pay, adequate working conditions, a chance to interact with other personnel, and the opportunity to do interesting and meaningful work. Human relations, then, is concerned with four major areas: the individual worker, the group, the environment in which the work is performed, and the leader responsible for seeing that everything is done properly.” Human relations is concerned with way more than just what is going on with the employees, it is concerned with every aspect of the job. In my opinion a great manager can reflect that with ease. They are able to stay on top of their duties, but still look out and care for the people that the higher ups may neglect. I also learned that a team is going to reflect the attitude of those who are directly leading them, so it is important that anybody who is in charge of anyone to be fully committed to the organization and will be able to sell others on that buy in. This course has taught me a lot about my personal management style and also shined light on the areas I need to work on.
I think one of the most impactful assignments we had this semester was developing the different…

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