Essay on Human Relations : Human Relationship

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On Maintaining Human Relationship Human is born to be a gregarious animal. Through a person’s whole life, he will experience several relationships with others – such as filial relationship, fraternity, marriage, friendship and so on. Generally speaking, people tend to maintain their relationships as possibly they can. But in terms of different kinds of relationships, the ways to maintain them are quite different. In the presentations of my group (shortened as group I) and the other group (shortened as group II), two certain kinds of relationship has been taken into accounts, that is, friendship and love. In the following part of the report, we will retrace the two groups’ perspectives and make some reviews. Listening through the presentation of group I, we can catch their crucial points treating the problem of maintain friendship. Among all these points, the most important is to find joint experience and memory shared between friends. Friendship is a particular ilk of human relationship because it does not derive from biological intimacy or lucre indentures. People often receive friendship out of shear self-consciousness and free-will. Take me as an example, when I was asked,’ Why do you get along well with John or Bob?’ my brain became blank before words came out,’ I don’t know why but they are the guys I am willing to confide to and play games with. I will not be worried about offending them when we get into quarrels.’ However, human’s cerebral cortex is always changing…

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