Human Relations And Social Struggle Essays

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The environment is a broad category and is intertwined in a complex relationship with human interactions that depict and impact the current environmental state; some for the better and some for the worse. It is important to understand the human relations and social struggle that we as individuals face in order to apprehend how it affects the environment. Ayiko Soloman, a Wilfrid Laurier graduate, spend a fair amount of years providing humanitarian support and aid to people in Uganda and has experienced many devastating effects from the negative human contact and thus has placed great importance on his family and the support that he has. What inspired me was his emphasis on how blessed he felt to live in Canada as it allowed him access to the master’s degree that he holds today in global studies, as the love an protection that he has for his family. “Family is everything, they are my support and my reason for doing what I do” is a quote that Ayiko gave during his presentation that was able to sum up all the theories and forms of environmental justice that have been taught throughout the term (Solomon, 2016, Lecture). We are all living on this planet together, and our future generations and family rely on a healthy sustainable environment that they can live freely on. The increasing rate of climate change and its visible effects (rising sea level, melting glaciers), Line 9 facing near rupture, wetlands are degrading away, individuals are facing forms of environmental racism…

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