Essay on Human Reality And The Non Physical Reality

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For many years, one of philosophy 's fundamental debates has swirled around the idea of people having spiritual experiences. A first encounter with such claims have been around for centuries among animists which believe the spirit they experience in their peyote ritual is real. Some great thinkers, however, hold a different view on the matter stating that the god’s experience is just in one’s head, therefore not real. Nevertheless, there are several ways to support the view that what the Huichols experience in their head is real. I shall argue by first analyzing what it means for something to be real, then differ between the two types of realities I believe exist: the physical reality and the non-physical reality. Lastly, I shall analyze individual non-physical realities, and how they affect how people live realities as a community.
David Bohm, a theoretical physicist stated once: “Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is based on our perception and the latter determine our beliefs” (qtd. in Parrish 42). As human being we never perceive the world as others perceive it. Each one of us have our own perception of what’s around us. This perception depends solely upon what we look for, and what we think. It is unique. This is why when Benedict Allen describes what he felt after the peyote, although the same sensation, it is different than the deep experience feeling by the other people the ritual has been part of their lives. He felt a sensation of relief,…

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