Essay on Human Property Theft And Film / Video Pirating

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1. Why do you think that countries like China and other poor or developing nations are havens for intellectual property theft and film/video pirating?

In China and other poor nations IP laws are either non-existent or not enforced. For instance, Chinese government has no interest in enforcing these laws, since Chinese businesses hold few copyrights (and those are rigorously protected). They see protection of intellectual property as a responsibility of the countries who want to conduct business in China.
Additionally, the demand for new movies, music and software is high and people want to have them as soon as they appear on the market. In many developing countries piracy is not seen as inherently wrong. It is seen more like a “luxury” that only wealthy countries can afford. Production and distribution of pirated intellectual property is an easy way to make money: the investment is usually minimal and the gain even from selling pirate copies of films and audio for a fraction of the price of a licensed copy is significant. From my own experience, in Ukraine people often buy pirate copies of software or download music and movies off the internet, justifying it, that they simply cannot afford to buy a licensed copy. Which makes sense, since a twenty-dollar DVD disc is a twenty dollar DVD disc in the United States. Companies trying to sell a twenty-dollar DVD disc in Ukraine, should take into consideration the fact, that an average monthly paycheck in Ukraine is $100.00.

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