Human Plasticity And Its Effects On Individual Development Essay

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Growth retardation is the body’s response to malnutrition and it has various adverse consequences on individual’s life cycle, especially when it occurs during key developmental stages. Retarded growth is caused by internal coping mechanisms to environmental and nutritional changes and has a long lasting effect on individual’s growth, thus influencing population’s level of health. The phenomenon can be attributed to Human Plasticity, or the body’s ability to adapt to multiple environments. While the maintenance of good health is paramount, it is affected by socio-cultural and economic factors that vary from people to people. One of the lasting consequences of poor health is the reduction of the reproductive capacity of population. Ultimately, negative environmental changes occurring during individuals’ developmental stages affect not only childhood and adolescence, but their whole entire lives.
Retarded Growth
Retarded growth, namely wasting and stunting, is the result of short term and long term mechanisms of adaptation to external factors. Stunting, being a person’s genetic predisposition to grow to certain height and build, becomes established over a period of centuries through a process called natural selection. These changes are gradual and the factors that prompted the genetic modification are relatively stable. Wasting is the short term form of adaption and has more pronounced effects that are immediate and dynamic. These effects are more readily observed since any…

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