Human Physique And Its Effects On Society Essay

1305 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Western societies appear to repeatedly place a great deal of importance on the thinness model of human physique, often to the exclusion of other models of healthy, more realistic and attainable models of physique. The appreciation of specific aesthetic qualities seem to surpass and dominate above those of intellect, accomplishment, demeanor and overall health, and if you are someone who is overweight or ‘fat’ certain practices within Western societies can result in feelings of humiliation, degradation and shame. Yet, as occurrences of eating disorders are on the rise, many academic publications continue to insert a caveat when describing an individual who suffers from an eating disorder as being or possessing a ‘vulnerability’ to this disorder. The use of this term is disturbing since vulnerability means someone who is “easily hurt or harmed, mentally, or emotionally; open to attach, harm, or damage” used in the same contexts as word such as weak, prone to, naiveté, openness, receptiveness and gullibility. Are those same words used to describe someone ill with cancer, schizophrenia or any other disease or disorder? Do medical journals or studies refer to someone as open or receptive to disease or mental illness? This question is not an attempt at being facetious, it is meant to spark discussion and debate of why Western society perpetuate the thinness ideal irrespective of the isolation and health of many of its members. When considering the forces influencing and…

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